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Best Motorcycle and Scooter CBT Training Centres in Manchester

Best CBT Training Centres In Manchester - Image Of L Plate. CBT Motorcycle & Scooter Training in Manchester.

Unveiling the Best Motorcycle CBT Training Centres in Manchester



Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is the first step for individuals looking to ride a motorcycle on the roads of Manchester. Choosing the right training centre is crucial for a successful and safe riding experience. In this article, we’ll explore the top motorcycle CBT training centres in Manchester.

Criteria for Evaluation:

To determine the best CBT training centres, we’ve considered several important criteria, including the expertise of instructors, the quality of facilities and equipment, student reviews, and pass rates. Let’s delve into the standout motorcycle CBT training centres in Manchester. All listed CBT training centres have a minimum of 200 total reviews at 4.9 out of 5 stars or above on Google reviews.



Top Motorcycle CBT Training Centres in Manchester:


1. RJH Motorbike Training Manchester – Visit Website

Located in Eccles, just outside of Manchester centre, RJH boasts highly qualified instructors with extensive experience. Your CBT training can be booked to fit around your busy lifestyle 7 days a week. When booking your CBT with RJH Manchester you are provided with all the equipment you need to safely complete your CBT training, including: mopeds, motorbikes, helmets, gloves and more.  Ideally located and have great rail, tram and bus connections.


2. MSM Motorcycle Training – Visit Website

MSM Motorcycle Training is one of the oldest training centres in Manchester renowned for its experienced and friendly instructors. MSM was once located at the Belle Vue Stadium in Manchester, then home of the elite league speedway team Belle Vue Aces. The training centre is now located in Ashton Under Lyne, Manchester. Ashton is well situated and has great transport links with Bus, Rail and Tram connections very close by. The training centre offers modern, reliable and easy to ride motorcycles along with well-maintained facilities. Positive student reviews highlight the comprehensive curriculum and the emphasis on safety during practical sessions.


3. ZEN Motorcycle Training – Visit Website

ZEN Motorcycle Training are based in Stockport, near Manchester. Instructors at ZEN have over 20 years of experience instructing and managing schools around Greater Manchester.  ZEN is known for its high pass rates and experienced instructors. The centre provides a range of motorcycles for training, accommodating both beginners and more experienced riders. Students appreciate the supportive learning environment and the focus on building confidence on the road.


4. RoadRider School Of Motorcycling – Visit Website

RoadRider School Of Motorcycling are based in Audenshaw, near Manchester. The centre has 12 well maintained modern motorcycles for training on, accommodating both beginners and more experienced riders. Students appreciate the friendly and fun learning environment.



Instructor Qualifications:

Each of these training centres employs instructors with advanced certifications and considerable experience in motorcycle training. The instructors’ qualifications ensure that students receive expert guidance and a solid foundation for safe riding practices.

Facilities and Equipment:

All recommended centres offer well-equipped classrooms and dedicated practice areas. The quality of motorcycles used for training is consistently high, providing students with the opportunity to learn and practice on reliable and up-to-date machines.

Student Reviews and Testimonials:

Positive student reviews are a testament to the effectiveness of these CBT training centres. Students consistently praise the professionalism of the instructors, the quality of instruction, and the overall positive learning experience.

Pass Rates:

Technically, you can’t pass or fail your CBT. You receive a certificate for the completion of a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) course. That said, you must complete the course in a satisfactory manner and safely. Technicalities aside, while specific pass rates may vary, all the recommended centres maintain high success rates. This reflects the effectiveness of their teaching methods and the commitment to ensuring that students are well-prepared for the challenges of riding on the roads.

Additional Services:

In addition to CBT, some of these training centres offer advanced rider training and supplementary courses. These extra services contribute to a more comprehensive learning experience for individuals looking to enhance their riding skills.

Pricing and Packages:

The cost of CBT at these centres is competitive. In general a CBT is likely to cost around the £150 mark. Prospective riders can find a range of options to fit their budget while ensuring they receive quality instruction.




Choosing the right motorcycle CBT training centre is a crucial step for aspiring riders in Manchester. The recommended centres – RJH Motorbike Training Manchester, MSM Motorcycle Training, ZEN Motorcycle Training and RoadRider School Of Motorcycling – stand out for their experienced instructors, top-notch facilities, positive student reviews, and high pass rates. Prospective riders are encouraged to explore these centres further and make an informed decision to kickstart their motorcycle journey safely.